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Quick Application Process

If you have just begun to grow your business or you are ready to begin accepting debit and credit cards, the first step is opening a merchant account.

A merchant account is basically a line of credit that a processing bank extends to a business. When you accept card payments, they are acquired by the processor and the funds will be deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days after subtracting processing and transaction fees. The processor will simultaneously send a request for payment to the customer's issuing bank.

At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we strive to make it as easy as possible to get started with a merchant account and begin accepting debit and credit card payments. The application process is designed to verify that your business is qualified for the responsibility to pay chargeback fees and manage customer data. The process will look at the credit history, payment volume, average transactions, business history, and industry to consider you for a merchant account.

We offer credit card processing services for all types of businesses, including retail, online, mail and phone order (MOTO), mobile, global, and high risk businesses with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Risk Assessment

Payment processors accept some level of risk by providing merchant account services to businesses as every transaction processed may be charged back, potentially leaving the bank responsible for the money. When assessing your risk, we will assess the possibility of chargebacks as well as the legitimacy of your business and any unique risks associated with your business.

EMA offers a variety of merchant account services. Even if you have a high risk business, we offer tailored solutions to help you get started.

Necessary Documentation

Before applying, make sure you have:

  • Business bank account number and routing number
  • Tax ID (EIN)
  • Actual or estimated processing volume
  • Contact information
  • Authorized signer information

You will also need supporting documentation, depending on your processing volume. The greater your expected processing volume, the more information the underwriter will need on your application. If you only plan to process a few thousand dollars every month, you will likely need no more than a voided check and marketing material for your business. Otherwise, you may need to provide several months' of bank statements, financial statements, profit and loss statements, and other financial information for your business.

Apply for a Merchant Account Today

At EMA, the merchant account application process may be completed completely online without the need to fax or mail in paperwork. The application will take about 10 minutes and request information about your business and the authorized signer for the account. You will have the opportunity to select the forms of payment you want to accept so we can help you find the right type of merchant account for your business.

Depending on how fast you provide necessary documentation, you can be up and running with your new merchant account in as little as one day. Ready to get started? Contact EMA today to apply for a free merchant account with no hidden charges.