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Ecommerce Industry

Are you considering an ecommerce merchant account for your business? Ecommerce and traditional commerce solutions are very different in its offerings. You don’t have the advantage of direct face to face interaction with customers and clients in the traditional aspect. Upsells are more likely with traditional sales. However, the overall advantages of ecommerce merchant solutions are very profitable. Our ecommerce merchant solutions can be specifically designed to cater to your business needs. One of the obvious advantages of using an ecommerce merchant account is the fact that they target a much larger audience that retail merchants. With the traditional retail accounts there is a need for POS equipment, thermal paper, mobile swipers and integrating computer systems to help facilitate transactions. An ecommerce solution alleviates many of those headaches and ultimately saves you time. We offer secure gateways and virtual terminals that provides real-time reporting and online access to your sales reports.

Ensuring Safe Ecommerce Transactions

Online merchants have the ability to attract and do business with people all over the world. Processing major credit cards over the internet is fairly simple to do with our award winning system. We specialize in setting up gateways that work with all website platforms to process your sales. We understand financial transactions and have developed a system that is designed to enhance your business sales. Websites have to compete with convenience. Consumers want their orders and transactions to go swiftly, safely, and smoothly. Our payment gateway services ensure this by allowing you to accept a variety of payments with our secure networks. We have fraud prevention systems and tools in-place that are designed to immediately identify suspicious transactions with our secure software.

Getting Started With An Ecommerce Account

Getting started with our system is easy. You can start accepting credit cards on your website or choose to switch and use our services to enhance your current offerings. We understand that as an ecommerce merchant, you have a particular competitive advantage and we work hard to help you provide an easy shopping experience to your global consumers. Our e-commerce payment solutions can be easily integrated to enhance your website. Your satisfaction is important to us and we are dedicated to processing your transactions so that you receive your payments quickly. The funds from each transaction are automatically deposited into your designated bank account within 24 - 48hrs. Our fully featured merchant interface is designed to make managing your consumer transactions and financial reporting simple. You have the ability to monitor payments, void transactions, issue refunds, reconcile payments, manually enter payments, and even search transaction data through a custom designed virtual terminal. This virtual terminal allows you to generate and download online reports for accounting and inventory usage.

From a website to an online shopping destination

With consumers making purchases at all hours, you need an online payment processing service you can trust. Express Merchant Accounts helps you accept credit cards online, day and night.

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From a website to an online shopping destination

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Exper Merchant Accounts is a leading provider of credit and debit card-based payment processing services to customers across the country. We pride ourselves on award-winning customer service and supplying high-tech solutions. Regardless of the type of business, our focus is to be your processor-of-choice.

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