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Retail Industry

At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we offer a full range of merchant processing solutions to help merchants run the payment side of their business. Are you looking for a retail merchant account so you can start accepting credit cards as a method of payment? Well, you have come to the right place! Point of sale transactions (POS) that are fast and secure will enable businesses to generate repeat sales from satisfied buyers. A retail merchant account can add value to a small business that wants to improve its cash management procedures. Let’s face it, if you are only taking cash and checks for your products or services you are missing out on a HUGE chuck of business.

Why Establish a Retail Merchant Account?

A retail merchant account provides a swift method for a business owner to electronically process a customer’s credit card. Safety is a major benefit for small business owners who establish a retail merchant account with a reputable credit card processing company. Employees and proprietors who are able to process credit card transactions will typically handle less cash. Merchants are largely unable to recover cash that might get stolen from a small business. However, many of the major credit card issuers will reimburse a merchant for fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. Consumers often feel much safer carrying cash versus a plastic credit card. Credit card acceptance is a great feature for small businesses to offer. If a consumer is prepared to spend a few hundred dollars at a particular business that does not have a retail merchant account, the consumer is likely to find another store that accepts credit card or debit card payments. Getting a retail merchant account could enable a small business owner to make fewer visits to a local bank. With credit card processing, a merchant’s money from the sale of goods or services is electronically sent into a company checking account. Business owners who use retail merchant accounts generally receive funding transfers within one to two business days of a sales transaction.

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