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Small Business Credit Card Processing

As a small business owner, your profit margin is probably already thin and you certainly can't afford to overpay for credit card processing services. Still, accepting debit and credit cards is necessary to grow your profits because card usage is overtaking cash and checks. Research has also indicated that, when customers are presented with several payment options like the ability to pay with a credit card, they are more likely to make impulse buys and spend more money, both of which add to your bottom line.

With a merchant, your business can accept debit cards, credit cards, and other forms of electronic payments. A merchant account also gives your business all the tools it needs to accept card payments securely and easily while ensuring the funds are transferred to your account. Merchant services may include many types of payment solutions to accept card payments and fit the needs of your business, including PIN pad terminals, point-of-sale terminals, card swipers, virtual terminals, and more.

At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we will work with you to help your business grow in a highly competitive market with flexible and cost-effective credit card processing, whether you run a brick and mortar, mobile, or online business.

Customized Small Business Merchant Accounts

What may work for one business may not work for yours. Whether you are working from a home office, have a mobile business, or run an ecommerce store, EMA offers small business payment solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Wireless and mobile credit card processing to accept card payments on the go
  • Point-of-sale terminals for a brick and mortar location and mobile POS terminals
  • Integrated with your small business software
  • MOTO and eCheck processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Electronic billing and ecommerce payment gateways for online payments

Get Started with a Small Business Merchant Account

Partnering with EMA allows your small business to operate efficiently without cutting into your tight profit margin with expensive credit card processing fees. Whether you need a simple checkout for a cash register or you need a wireless credit card terminal for a mobile business, we offer advanced payment solutions to streamline your business and help you focus on what's important: growing your business.

EMA offers customized small business credit card processing with no hidden fees or upfront costs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and set up your free merchant account to begin accepting card payments fast.