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American Express

American Express is one of the most popular avenues for commerce in the world.

  • Built for merchants, the credit card company allows quick and convenient consumer checkout.
  • American Express promotes cart conversion and entices converts into becoming new and loyal customers.
  • The company can eliminate the slowdown created by manual data entry in the checkout experience.
  • Using American Express promotes high levels of security by utilizing top fraud detection and authentication processes.

Express Merchant Accounts believes no retailer or service provider can ignore the many ways American Express can enhance operations and success. We're talking about one of the best ways to conduct straightforward payment transactions that are safe and secure.

Giving your customers and clients the best and most payment options like American Express is going to be critical to growth. We're here to make sure you not only make the right decisions, but that choices don't hold up operations. We provide top, customized technology, products and programs, and a seamless installation that almost invisibly expands your operations. It's a tailored solution that will meet your exacting needs, ensuring you're always at your full potential.

American Express

Let us show you how to best integrate American Express into the customer experience. Partnering with Express Merchant Accounts puts your business in the driver's seat for:

  • Simplified Payments. Without the ability to use their plastic, customers will take their business somewhere else. Cash and checks are being moved further and further into the background, especially as the Internet has become the go-to for shopping.
  • Increased Sales. Consumers will spend more when they have the option of using their credit cards as opposed to cash or check. Allowing consumers to have options like American Express will directly influence sales and business growth.
  • Enhanced Money Management. With credit and debit payments, you streamline processes. Electronic payments are certainly easier to manage than counting cash and tracking checks. This promotes cash flow and forecasting.
  • Avoid Bad Checks. Completely eliminate the annoyance associated with bounced and forged checks.
  • Convenience. Consumers are more likely to use a merchant that makes their purchase experience flexible and quick. Express Merchant Accounts will ensure you have the smoothest operations for credit and debit transactions, payments and recurring billing that's fast, easy and secure. Your customers will never worry about their interactions with you.

Let Express Merchant Accounts and American Express help your business expand its customer relations with payment processing that advocates trust. It is believed that, worldwide, American Express has, between basic and supplementary cards, somewhere in the vicinity of 140 million customers. These are not numbers any merchant can afford to ignore.

Express Merchant Accounts can show you the best ways to take advantage of American Express and its customers, implementing reliable payment processing that gives all parties one less thing to worry about in the shopping experience. We're the option that lets customers focus on shopping, lets merchants focus on customers and lets American Express confidently help you grow your business opportunities.