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POS Solutions

Modern retail point-of- sales (POS) systems can do a lot more than just serve as cash registers. In the past, credit card terminals and electronic cash registers did not always interact as intended due to complications in terms of compatibility; that is no longer a problem with POS solutions these days.

With the right retail POS system in place, business owners can rest assured that all their payment transactions will be conducted efficiently and smoothly. When POS systems are integrated with merchant processing functions, business owners gain a lot more than just the ability to accept credit cards. Express Merchant Accounts can provide clients with POS solutions that are fully integrated with credit card payments.

The Flexibility of POS Systems

POS solutions are available for any type of business, from one-man shops to retail chains. A food truck owner can get started with a mobile POS system that adapts to a smartphone; as the business grows with more trucks, adding new terminals can be as easy as installing another app on an additional smartphone.

Convenience store owners with locations in major metropolitan areas will certainly want to offer the widest range of payment solutions to their customers. This means being ready to accept payments from digital wallets equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology. To this effect, a retail POS solution allows business owners to not only accept card payments and digital wallets; they can also manage certain aspects of their stores such as bookkeeping, employee scheduling and even inventory. Most POS solutions these days are cloud-based, which means that the retail connection simply needs Internet connectivity for the purpose of connecting stores into a single network that can be monitored remotely.

POS Solutions and CRM Integration

The benefits of retail systems go far beyond conducting cash transactions and keeping a daily ledger. With the right POS solution, Express Merchant Accounts can help a neighborhood pizza delivery shop make the most out of business with customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM software integration is a major benefit of restaurant POS systems. For a neighborhood pizza shop adding a few tables, a CRM solution will allow the business owner to get to know the preferences of his or her customers. A CRM filter can be programmed to determine the best menu item sold on the busiest night of the week; in this fashion, the pizza shop owner can make coupons with special offers for regular customers.

CRM systems also make it easy for stores to invite customers to provide their email addresses for marketing purposes; however, a better solution would be to design a mobile app that delivers notifications of coupons, discounts, new menu items, blog posts, etc. Social media integration is even more powerful with CRM and POS systems.

Why POS Solutions from Credit Card Processors Make Sense

Over the last few years, the credit card processing industry has become more competitive and dynamic. Not all processors offer POS solution to their clients; this is a value-added service that can be obtained under more reasonable terms when combined with a merchant terminal. Express Merchant Accounts can provide POS solutions for all clients to match their specific business goals.