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Quick Service Restaurants

At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we understand just how important efficiency and speed are to your business while processing customer payments, especially during your peak hours. The best point-of- sale (POS) system and credit card processing services can help your staff perform effectively and boost productivity for your business.

A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) merchant account offers fast and easy payment solutions for fast food and delivery restaurants. Our customizable QSR services are matched to the needs of your business so you can focus on what you do best.

What is a QSR Merchant Account?

Quick service restaurant owners know that speed is king when it comes to smooth business operations and customer service. A QSR merchant account is designed to keep lines moving and keep customers happy with a modern POS service designed specifically for QSRs.

A QSR POS helps servers take orders quickly with far fewer mistakes for a quick and easy customer experience. With our POS systems, the front of the house can communicate instantly with the back of the house for correct order processing, hot and fast food delivery, and no lost tickets.

Benefits of a QSR Point-of- Sale System

Is your fast food or delivery business using an outdated point-of- sale system? If you have customers waiting for orders, a terminal that takes forever to process orders, or a problem with lost tickets, a modern QSR system can help you boost profits while improving customer satisfaction.

Important benefits of a QSR POS system include:

  • Faster transaction speed. We know that every second counts when you have a customer waiting for their order. QSR POS systems reduce card transaction times down to just four seconds to make card transactions faster than cash.
  • Mobile POS terminals for deliveries. Delivery staff can take mobile terminals so you can accept credit and debit cards without requiring customers to pay over the phone. This can boost security and reduce your credit card processing fees with card-present transactions.
  • Foster repeat visits and loyalty with gift card and loyalty programs.
  • Manage inventory through your merchant account.
  • Easy back-office management. A modern POS system can help you manage chargebacks and more with detailed reports.

Get Started with a QSR Merchant Account

A QSR merchant account includes the technology you need to deliver what your customers expect: great food delivered quickly without sacrificing security. Whether you operate a national chain, a family-owned restaurant, or a delivery business, Express Merchant Accounts offers cost-effective QSR merchant services to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about setting up your free QSR account.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices make it possible to set up merchant accounts on mobile devices. These accounts are secure and process the information as efficiently as other devices. Encryption may be used to keep sensitive information off personal devices.

Online Payments

Online payments may be made using credit cards or bank accounts. Credit cards are authorized through the network, and funds are deposited to the payee’s account.


Processing credit cards consists of the following steps:

  • Collecting information
  • Transmit to Merchant’s Bank
  • Authorization Request Sent to Network
  • Network sends request to cardholder’s bank
  • Cardholder’s Bank Approves or Disapproves
  • Bank returns Decision to Network
  • Network Sends Approval to Merchant
  • If Approved, Cardholder's Bank Deposits Amount to Merchant’s Account