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Restaurant Accounts

Whether you operate a food truck, large eatery, or local carry-out pizzeria, your customers expect you to accept major debit and credit cards. Running a restaurant is definitely hard work and you are already facing thin margins. This makes it crucial to choose the right type of merchant account to offer customers the payment options they want without destroying your profit margin.

Restaurant merchant accounts are a specialized type of credit card processing service designed to address the unique needs of your business. At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we offer convenient, secure, and affordable restaurant credit card processing so you can focus on your business while boosting profits and service.

What is a Restaurant Merchant Account?

A merchant account allows your restaurant to accept and process debit and credit card transactions with the flexibility and services your business needs. Advancing technology has made it easier for restaurants to adapt their point-of- sale systems to the needs of their business model.

There are several types of systems that may be best for your restaurant. Pay-at- the-table technology has grown rapidly over the last decade. Mobile point-of- sale terminals are popular with dine-in establishments as they allow servers to swipe cards at the customer's table. Servers can also be equipped with smartphones or tablets to input orders and send them directly to the kitchen. Customers appreciate wireless credit card terminals because the payment is faster and more secure with their card not leaving their sight.

If you have a high-volume- transaction business, a full computer POS system may be more appropriate to keep lines short and integrate the features you need.

Restaurant merchant services may include:

  • Open and closed bar tabs
  • Tip features
  • Check splitting
  • Gift card program
  • Check verification
  • Simplified online orders to accept online takeout service
  • Submit orders at the table with a wireless terminal
  • Mobile terminals for delivery and tableside processing

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Customers at restaurants use debit and credit cards more than patrons of any other establishment. In 2016, an estimated 92% of full-service restaurants accept credit and debit cards as payment. A restaurant merchant account allows you to deliver customer expectations without losing focus on your staff, food, and the intricacies of running a business.

Expert Merchant Services offers a variety of merchant account services to help you grow your business, whether you need a basic point-of- sale system, a full computer system to run tabs and verify checks, or portable terminals for servers to bring to a customer's table. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive restaurant credit card processing services to start accepting credit cards with no upfront fees.