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How does a merchant account work?

A merchant account offers payment solutions to venders online. They hold the funds before they are officially transferred to a company’s account. Merchants are able to safely and securely handle both debit and credit card transactions using a merchant account.

What does the system actually do?

First, the customer’s credit card is slid through the machine for a specific amount. The technology will wirelessly transmit the card information to the customer’s bank. The card is processed as valid if there are sufficient funds are available for that transaction. An approval number is then issued, completing the transaction.

Are the technologies easy to operate?

The solutions are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the merchant. Since the solutions are customized, they are specifically designed to be user-friendly. The payment processing solution eliminates phone lines and requires very little in the way of assembly. People find that these solutions are easy to operate with little technical assistance. Technical support is available as a part of the service offered for all merchants.

Are these wireless credit card processing solutions available for everyone?

These solutions are available to merchants in various industries. High risk merchants are often grouped in this category because of the nature of the industry they operate in when conducting business. A merchant may have a stellar background, years in a given field, and low incidents of theft, but can still be recognized as a high risk merchant. Simply doing business online gives a customer a high risk profile. Our solutions make merchant account services available to all types of customer profiles.

Keeping prices competitive

In serving all groups regardless of their risk profile, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing for our merchant account providers. We make sure that we identify areas for savings, to pass them on to our customers. For example, we eliminate a lot of the paperwork, so that the application process can be completed online with less red tape. We eliminate what we felt are unnecessary fees, focusing instead on developing the most timely solutions that will make your business productive. In relying on the quality of the services, we can cut costs for our customers in various areas or keep the fees to a minimum.

Customers choose our solutions because they are flexible, affordable and convenient. We want our customers to have access to the perfect solution for their business. Combining the latest platforms with unparalleled services has made us one of the top merchant solutions providers in payment processing. Our products are built around customer needs.