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Email Receipts

A convenient feature of your merchant account with Express Merchant Accounts (EMA) is the ability to email receipts to customers after processing a debit or credit card. While this feature is expected when customers make an online order, EMA also allows you to email digital receipts to customers following in-store transactions.

Whether you are a service provider, delivery company, retail establishment, or eCommerce business, don't overlook the convenience and value of e-receipts, which can improve your bottom line and boost customer experience.

The Convenience of Digital Receipts

When a customer provides their email address, it gives you a channel to provide additional marketing material and increase the chances of a repeat visit. Merchants can use digital receipts to improve engagement with customers, provided it is done carefully. According to a 2012 Epsilon International report, 83% of retailers offer email receipts to acquire customers' email addresses, noting that online receipts can give retailers greater insight into the shopping habits of their customers. To enjoy this benefit, you may wish to require that customers opt-in to be added to the retailer's marketing database when they provide an email address for an e-receipt.

Retailers can also reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs by giving customers the option to receive an email receipt rather than a physical paper copy.

Digital emails add real value to the customer experience with greater simplicity and easier receipt storage for warranty, tax, and business purposes. As a merchant, a digital receipt also allows you to improve your branding with a personalized digital receipt.

Customized Email Receipts for Your Business

Whether you operate a retail store, a mobile business, or a restaurant, the ability to email receipts to your customers while acquiring their email address for future engagement is a valuable tool in the success of your business. At Express Merchant Accounts (EMA), we believe in offering the tools you need to maximize profits and reduce costs, including operating costs that can be eliminated with technology.

Email receipts sent through your merchant account can be fully customized to help with your branding efforts. To send receipts to customers, be sure to require the Email Address field on your payment form. Our merchant account virtual terminal is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but our support team is always available if you need assistance setting up digital receipts for customers.

Questions about digital receipts or other features of an ESA account? Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free merchant account customized to the needs of your business.